Past 2017 Presentations

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

David McGuire, Founder of Shark Stewards: Marine Protected Areas

Do Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Sanctuaries Save Sharks? A look at protection measures in California and beyond and the effectiveness of MPAs and Sanctuaries on shark conservation. As Co- Chair of the Golden Gate Marine Protected Area Collaboration, Shark Stewards is a committed partner in the state’s marine protection. As part of a statewide network, their mission is to help communicate the importance of Marine Protected Areas along the San Francisco & Marin shorelines and assist fishermen to comply with the regulations under the California Marine Life Protection Act.

About David McGuire, MEH, Director of Shark Stewards: A marine biologist and ocean advocate, David McGuire is the founder of the Ocean Health and Shark Conservation non-profit Shark Stewards. As a Research Associate of the Department of Aquatic Biology at the California Academy of Sciences, David is conducting a shark research program that includes population studies, movements and fisheries impacts.

As Captain, Dive Master and filmmaker, David has explored the world ocean on numerous sailing voyages producing media with an emphasis on ocean awareness. Educated in Marine Biology, he holds a Masters degree in Environmental Health and has worked in education and public health at the University of California at Berkeley for over a decade and is a lecturer at the University of San Francisco. He also speaks to students of all ages and to the public on the importance of sharks to the oceans. David is also an author of numerous articles and fiction and non-fiction books including Surviving the Shark. He sits on several boards of non-profits including The San Francisco Green Film Festival and the Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary Association.

Having worked as a stakeholder and participant establishing California Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) under the Marine Life Protection Act, he is now Co-Chair of the Golden Gate Marine Protected Area Collaborative with Mr. Brian Baird of the Bay Institute. This group of beach walkers, fishermen, NGOS, Government, Academics, Aquariums and general public are working to communicate and educate the general public about MPAs and facilitate compliance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2016

Dr. James Sumich: Gray Whales: Jim will discuss the past and current distributions, migrations, and genetics of gray whales, and some likely future scenarios for this species in the in the context of our changing climate. Jim’s book “E. robustus: The Biology and Human History of Gray Whales” will be available for purchase and signing at the talk.

About Dr. James Sumich: Jim is the author of a best-selling textbook on marine biology (now in its 11th edition) and co-author of the widely adopted “Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology.” He has taught marine mammal biology at the college and university level for more than four decades and has conducted research on gray whales from British Columbia to Baja California.  Jim currently holds a Courtesy Faculty appointment at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center. He has been a long-time friend to ACS (he was guest editor of the Whalewatcher issue on gray whales) and has recently published a general audience book “E. robustus: The Biology and Human History of Gray Whales.”

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols: Discussing His Book “Go Deeper: The Seven Ages of Water”

Go Deeper picks up where Blue Mind left off and explores the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual benefits of healthy waterways and oceans at each of the seven stages of our lives from birth through death. Through new cutting edge science – on everything from play to romance to death – and gripping stories and fascinating protagonists you’ll learn even more about yourself, how water supports us at each age and how to live better on this blue marble planet. Yes, water is natural for a man who runs Blue Mind Life, which reconnects people to water. It grew out his first book, whose full title is self-explanatory: “Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do.’’ Dr. Nichols will be signing copies of Go Deeper: The Seven Ages of Water which will be available for sale at the presentation.

About Dr. Wallace J. Nichols: Dr. Wallace “J.” Nichols, called “Keeper of the Sea” by GQ Magazine and “a visionary” by Outside Magazine is an innovative, silo-busting, entrepreneurial scientist, movement maker, renown marine biologist, voracious Earth and idea explorer, wild water advocate, bestselling author and sought-after lecturer. His experiences as a field research scientist, government consultant, founder and director of numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations, teacher, mentor, parent, and advisor all support his quest to build a stronger and more diverse blue movement. Dr. Nichols has shared hundreds of keynotes and workshops for a variety of organizations, teams, businesses, and professional associations in environmental science, health care, travel, real estate, and recreation. His goals are to more deeply and personally connect all people to water for life, help individuals and organizations find and tell their authentic water stories, and guide leaders in the process of swimming through the walls that hold them back.

Dr. Nichols’ research interests span ocean and aquatic ecosystems, migratory species, marine protected areas, fisheries management, and plastic pollution with special emphasis on building new action networks and developing novel interdisciplinary solutions, sometimes involving so-called enemies. He takes a slow, collaborative approach with leaders in businesses, government, non-profits, and academia to inspire a deeper connection with nature and inventive approaches to pressing issues ranging from supplies of fresh water to improved hospice care for our aging population.

His current focus is on what he refers to as Blue Mind, a powerful new universal story of water. In this story, society accurately describes all of the physical, ecological, economic, cognitive, emotional, psychological, and social benefits of healthy oceans and waterways. By connecting neuroscientists and psychologists with aquatic experts and artists to ask and answer exciting new questions his work is transforming many sectors, including: health and well-being; education and parenting; arts, architecture and design; real estate and urban planning; travel and leisure; and sports and recreation.

His book Blue Mind, published in summer 2014 by Little, Brown & Company, quickly became a national bestseller and has been translated to numerous languages and inspired a wave of media and practical application.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dirk Rosen: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deep

Join MARE’s Dirk Rosen and unlock the mysteries of the Channel Islands’ deep waters and see spectacular new footage of California’s ocean wilderness. Dirk will highlight the remarkable success of California’s network of marine reserves in the Santa Barbara Channel Islands.

MARE: Applied Research & Exploration (MARE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that uses science-based marine conservation efforts to help protect and restore the ocean’s invaluable, yet threatened resources. Using cost-effective and innovative deepwater robotic technology and data analysis expertise, MARE assesses changes in marine life and habitat over time to inform ocean management and support wild sustainable fisheries for future generations.

About Dirk Rosen: Dirk is the founder and Executive Director of Marine Applied Research and Exploration (MARE). He has 25+ years of deepwater vehicle design, build and operations experience with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and manned submersibles. He has led or co-led 20 ROV surveys assessing marine protected areas (MPAs), exploring deepwater National Marine Sanctuary sites, recovering lost science equipment and and evaluating the impacts of fishing gear. Dirk founded MARE in 2003 as a not-for- profit research organization to apply underwater technologies with science to answer marine ecosystem questions. To that end, he co-convened an international workshop in Monterey to define the best and most economical application(s) for the various visual underwater survey tools. Prior to starting MARE, Dirk was president of Deep Ocean Engineering, test pilot for all three Deep Rover 1,000 meter-rated manned submersibles, and a designer/operator of the Phantom and Bandit Remotely Operated Vehicle systems, (of which more than 500 were built). Later at Hawkes Ocean Technologies he was the project manager for the 11,000 meter rated Challenger, a manned submersible designed to go to the deepest point in the ocean, the Marianas Trench. He serves as the engineering reviewer for California’s Resources Agency Sea Grant Advisory Panel.