Whale Watching

Whale Watching and Wildlife Adventures

SF Bay ACS chapter partners with select whale watch operators to offer you a unique and memorable experience getting up-close-and-personal with some of the most majestic animals on the planet. When you book your whale watching trip through a SF Bay ACS provider, you have peace of mind that those operators adhere to the highest ethical standards in the whale watch industry – that they treat whales and other wildlife respectfully, give passengers accurate and educational information about marine wildlife, and support conservation and protection efforts and organizations like ACS.

Whale watching trips are an invaluable component of ACS’s educational programs, and also serve as fundraising events to support our education, conservation, and research grant-making programs.

Please contact us to check times of Scheduled Whale watching trips or to Create a trip just for your group.





In the past we have partnered with Oceanic Society for our annual whale watching trips in which they have been so gracious in giving our members a discount. NOW they are going to have ongoing member discounts for both their Farallon Island and Half Moon Bay trips! To receive your discount call the office letting them know you are a SF Bay ACS member. They will be setting up an ACS discount code on their website in the future.
Call or email: Donna Redstone; 415-256-9604 or redstone@oceanicsociety.org

Farallon Island trips  
* Saturday & Sunday May through November weather permitting
* Normally $125 per person
* For ACS   $105 per person for any trip during the season

Half Moon Bay trips
*  ​Saturday & Sunday late December through mid-May weather permitting
*  Normally $54 per person
*  For ACS   $49 per person


Quetzal Adventures:  http://www.quetzaladventures.com/#!baja-2016/c24f1

JC-Blue WhaleMarch 2-13, 2016:  Baja California & The Sea of Cortez  “Whales and wildlife of the Forgotten Peninsula”  

JCJoin Founder Juan-Carlos Solis on this incredible trip. Slim as a blade, the Baja California peninsula jackknifes from mainland Mexico, creating a cleft filled by the Sea of Cortez. Every year, California Gray Whales migrate here from arctic waters-the longest mammal migration known. In the protected lagoon of San Ignacio, watch the Grays during their breeding, calving, and nurturing cycle. Continue sailing around the tip of Baja in search of Fin, Sperm, Blue and Humpback Whales along with pods of Common Dolphins accompanied by Magnificent Frigatebirds and Red-billed Tropicbirds. Along the way, visit lovely and uninhabited islands such as San Jose and Santa Catalina. Awake to an incomparable sunrise, snorkel in an isolated cove, bask in Baja California’s seductive desert warmth, stroll its glorious beaches, and-best of all–wonder at its wildlife.