citizen school

“SF Bay ACS has recently started collaborating with Citizen Schools, a non-profit organization that partner with middle schools across America to provide expanded learning opportunities to students from low-income families.  This is made possible by organizing an after school apprenticeship program that spans over a 10 week semester. Each 90 minutes class of the apprenticeship emphasizes skills considered necessary for success in the modern economy: leadership, teamwork, oral communication and technology.  Each semester’s apprenticeships culminate in a product, performance, or presentation produced by the students and taught back to the community at an event called a WOW!

citizen school1

We are now working with Citizen School teachers to develop a curriculum geared towards cetacean ecology & conservation. Our current 10 week apprenticeship program titled “Save the Whales” is being taught to 6th & 7th grade students at McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT) in Redwood City. During this apprenticeship, students are learning what we have in common with whales and dolphins and why it’s so important to help them out!  They are also being educated about exciting future college courses and career paths in the field of marine biology. At the end of this apprenticeship, for the WOW! event, our students are creating a video presentation to demonstrate to the community what they have learnt about cetaceans. We hope to expand this curriculum to be implemented & taught in other middle schools across America.”