Whale Alert

Whale Alert
Among the many threats faced by whales today are ship strikes, which occur more and more in busy shipping lanes. A collaboration of government agencies, academic institutions, non-profit conservation groups and private sector companies have developed Whale Alert, an app that helps reduce the chance of fatal ship strikes by large vessels. The app can be used by anyone out on the water to report concentrations of cetaceans. It displays active whale management areas, required reporting areas, recommended routes, areas to be avoided and near real-time warnings in shipping lanes along the east and west coasts of the United States and Canada. This information allows vessel operators to avoid collision with whales by slowing down and heightening their visual awareness.

Visit these websites to download the Whale Alert app and learn more:
Download the Whale Alert app
Whale Alert website
Whale Alert West Coast website
View the data about whale sightings, updated on a regular basis

Whale Alert West Coast Brochure: 


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