July 27th: Sex on the Breach: A summer sizzler peeks into the reproductive practices of the oceans whales

Wednesday: July 27th

Time:  7pm

Location: Bay Model Visitor Center
Location: Bay Model Visitor Center 2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA

$5 Donation goes toward Student Research Grants

The giants of the ocean employ a surprisingly “different strokes” approach to sex. Some Marybull whales battle for their mates; some beguile with song and caress. Others may just get lucky – literally. And, where group sex is involved, “timing is everything” may apply. Size matters among certain species, but is almost irrelevant in others.

Between the sexes, mating can be consensual, when females urge males to outcompete each other in heat runs; or otherwise, where some males’ uniquely prehensile anatomy can overcome the coyest females’ evasive movements. Regardless of style — whether to battle, bully or beguile — it all enables these lusty Leviathans to pass on their genes and ensure new whale generations. Mary2

Parental Guidance Advised: The topic, and some graphic images, dictate that parents use appropriate judgment.


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August 6th- SF Bay ACS Annual Farallon Islands Whale Watching Trip!

Please join SF Bay ACS & Oceanic Society for

Our Annual Farallon Islands Whale Watching Trip!

Saturday August 6th!

whale watching 2016

Oceanic Society is being gracious in giving our SF Bay ACS members a DISCOUNT!   We will be given 20 spaces on the boat due to this being High Season so get your tickets early!!!


Tickets are $99.00 per person for our first 15 Passengers and $105. for next 5 passengers.

Oceanic Society is wonderful in giving SF Bay ACS a donation will go toward our 2016 Student Research Grant Fund! 

You MUST CALL or EMAIL the office to receive this discount and tell them you are a SF Bay ACS member.  You CANNOT get the discount online

If you are not a member it’s easy to join. Just go to: www.acsonline.org click on membership, and sign up online as a SF Bay ACS chapter member! Send your confirmation email to: acs.sfbay@gmail.com so Kathi can be given your membership confirmation information.

Please call or email:  Kathi Koontz (Local Outreach Manager of Oceanic Society) at 415-256-9604 or koontz@oceanicsociety.org     She will have a list of our SF Bay ACS members to verify if you may receive the discount.

The Farallon Islands, just 27 miles off San Francisco, lie amid the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, a food-rich marine ecosystem that attracts whales, dolphins, seals and seabirds each summer and fall, to feed and to breed. Researchers have catalogued hundreds of individual humpbacks and blue whales as seasonal feeding residents. Twenty three species of marine mammals, including eighteen  species of whales and dolphins, can be found here.

The Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge is the largest seabird rookery in the contiguous United States with nesting Tufted Puffins, Pigeon Guillemots, Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres and other species. Migratory seabirds such as Shearwaters, Jaegers, and Phalaropes are also attracted by these nutrient-rich waters.  Island beaches are covered with sea lions, including massive Steller’s sea lions, now on the Endangered Species List.

Each trip is led by an expert naturalist who assists with locating whales, identifying seabirds and other marine life, and who provide informative presentations throughout the trip on the islands and marine ecology of the area.

Bird and Marine Mammal Calendar

Spring- Summer (April-Aug):  Western Grebes; Black-footed Albatrosses; Northern Fulmars; Pink-footed, Buller’s, Sooty Shearwaters; Ashy Storm-Petrels; Brown Pelicans; Double-crested, Brandt’s, Pelagic Cormorants; Black Oystercatchers; Red-necked, Red Phalaropes; Pomarine, Parasitic Jaegers; South Polar Skuas; Heermann’s, Herring, Western, Sabine’s Gulls; Caspian, Elegant, Common, Arctic, Forster’s Terns; Common Murres; Pigeon Guillemots; Xantus’s, Craveri’s, Marbled (rare) Murrelets; Cassin’s, Rhinoceros Auklets; Tufted Puffins.   Tufted Puffins and general bird diversity  better in May/June/early July.

Marine mammals are found both in the summer and fall.    Blue Whales, Humpback Whales , Minke Whales; Risso’s Dolphin, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, Northern Right Whale Dolphin; Harbor and Dall’s Porpoises.   California and Steller Sea Lions; Northern Elephant Seal, Northern Fur Seal, Harbor Seal, Sea Otter also possible.

TRIP INFORMATION:     http://oceanicsociety.org/farallon%20islands%20season

Full-day whale watching cruises depart from San Francisco at 8:00am, and from Sausalito at 7:15 a.m. aboard the 56-foot Salty Lady, a Coast Guard certified vessel on Saturdays and Sundays, and select Fridays,  from mid-May through November.

Farallon Islands whale watching participants will receive a free DVD, Farallon Islands: Past, Present and Future. Produced by the Oceanic Society in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the film provides a virtual walking tour of the islands, introducing the viewer to the islands’ researchers, refuge staff and former residents as they provide first-hand insights about the wildlife, history , and current conservation efforts. The DVD will be distributed aboard the vessel.


San Francisco Yacht Harbor, Marina Blvd. & Scott St. Reminder: Check-in time is 7:30 a.m., and the boat leaves at 8:00 a.m.

Sausalito Clipper Yacht Harbor on Harbor Drive. Reminder: check-in time is at 7:00 a.m., and the boat leaves at 7:15 a.m.

Duration: Approximately 8 hours.  In order to visit the whale “hot spots,” including the Continental shelf, and have enough time to observe the wildlife at the islands, an 8-hour trip is required.  Itinerary: Under the Golden Gate Bridge and west to the Farallon Islands. Weather permitting; we visit the Continental Shelf to search for deep water whales.

Vessel: Certified 56-foot Salty Lady. Our whale watching vessel offers an observation deck, indoor seating salon (limited indoor seating) and bathroom. Our captains are experienced in nature cruises.  Passenger maximum: 48.  Clothing:  Warm, layers with water-proof outerwear for sea spray recommended. Age Restrictions:  Age minimum 10; an adult must accompany youths under 15.

Parking: Parking is free in San Francisco and Sausalito 

Food & Refreshments: Bring lunch and beverages.


We look forward to seeing you on board and sharing this Special Trip with you!

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August 31st: Behind the Bark: Saving Seals and Sea Lions in California

Wednesday: August 31st

Time:  7pm

Location: Pacifica Library, Pacifica

$5 Donation goes toward Student Research Grants

Join SF Bay ACS Chapter and Pacifica Beach Coalition for “Behind the Bark: Saving Seals and Sea Lions in California”

The Marine Mammal Center is the World’s largest marine mammal hospital, responsible for rescuing an average of 600-800 sick and injured seals and sea lions each year from over 600 miles of California coast.  With 40 years of experience, the Center has been able to give over 20,000 marine mammals a second chance at life with the support of the community for financial support and over 1,000 trained volunteers that conduct rescues, feedings, basic Seal Adam Ratnermedical procedures and education work.  In addition to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine mammals, the Center learns from every animal that is

rescued and collaborates with 40-60 organizations a year to further research on marine mammal and ocean health.  The veterinary work and research is shared widely to over 100,000 visitors to the hospital each year with the goal of inspiring ocean conservation. Adam will share the latest stories of the marine mammals found along the California coast, including the record number of California sea lions found sick along the
California coast in the past 2 years.

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September 29th: “Insights into rorqual lunge-feeding behavior gleaned from new video and accelerometry tags”

Thursday September 29th:

Time:  7pm

Location: Bay Model Visitor Center   2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA

$5 Donation goes toward Student Research Grants

Meet 2015 SF Bay ACS Research Grant Awardee David Cade!

For nearly all of human existence on the sea, our understanding of whales has been limited to what we can observe at the surface.  For fully aquatic animals such as these, however, time spent on the surface is really a tiny fraction of the life cycle of these largest predators on the planet.  Basic questions about feeding behavior and ecology have only begun to be answered in Sept 2016 whale tailthe last fifteen years with the advent of animal-borne sensors capable of logging cetacean behavior underwater.  Only in the last two years have sensors that measure orientation and motion been combined with high-quality video cameras to provide us with a whale’s eye view of the feeding events that are so critical to overall population recovery from 20th century lows.  Please join us as we explore new insights into the feeding behavior of humpback whales from five oceans, fin whales from the Atlantic and blue whales from right here in California. Continue reading

October 25th: Dean & JoJo – The Dolphin Legacy

Tuesday October 25th
Time:  7pm
Location: Bay Model Visitor Center   2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA
$5 Donation goes toward Student Research Grants

Join SF Bay ACS Chapter and The Marin Dive Club for:

Dean & JoJo The Dolphin Legacy


Dean Bernal first visited the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1981. Three small sociable dolphins swam in the shallow coastal waters. One would become known as JoJo and befriended by Dean and many island residents. The life of JoJo seems legendary, but the books and archive films are created directly from the observations, and research recorded by Dean Bernal on his amazing and heart warming journeys with JoJo.

Dean will give a brief history of JoJo the wild Dolphin and how DEAN lobbied to make JoJo the National treasure of the Turks and Caicos Islands. JOJO is now the most highly protected dolphin in the world. Their story is now used as a wildlife icon for protection of land and Ocean environments globally. 

Today DEAN and JoJo.’s battle is global  addressing issues like Japan where they succeeded in halting the kills of dolphins in Japan’s largest dolphin kill port~  addressing the proposed new captive facilities~ protecting other lone and sociable dolphins like JoJo ~and using DEAN and JoJo’s global media strength in licensing and branding for good cause programs.

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“Blimps and Whales”

Bethany Argisle & Neil Osborn’s book, “Blimps & Whales,” is a beautifully illustrated story of love and cooperation between two great beings, a blimp and a whale. This charming story recaps how the children of San Francisco inspired and celebrated World Whale Day, including messages about the health of our oceans and the need to protect whales and their migration routes.

Bethany has been an advocate since the early 1970’s, inspiring young people to notice, to listen, and to protect the sea and its inhabitants through theatre, music and appearances.

You can purchase her book through the iTunes app store or on Season’s Studios’ website HERE.



Oceanic Dolphins, Family Delphinidae

We all share a love of dolphins and whales. But there is another question – what we really know about them, about the whole order of cetaceans? Meera and Oleg Finodeyev are passionate about them and they discovered a very simple truth – “we love them but we don’t know them”. Because of that they created a mini-series of videos about order of cetaceans.

Irony is that there is no single source where one can go and learn about this civilization. Creation of these videos and digging into vast ocean of internet information was very tedious but an enlightening process and they wish to share its results with you. Please, invest a bit of your time to learn more about these Earthlings – they are amazing!